The workshop

To create unique instruments for unique musicians testifies of the control and the creativity which the luthier Hervé Prudent knew how to develop during his thirty years of career by working with big artists as Jean-Luc Ponty or Sérgio Assad. 

The workshop includes a Custom Shop allowing us to satisfy the desires and the needs for customization or for custom-made manufacturing of instruments for the amateur and professional musicians. 

The MIDI violin signature Christophe Raymond is a key example.
Since their meeting in October 2013, the luthier Hervé Prudent and the engineer Yann Cherdo, both passionate musicians, kept working on two aspects. The first one concerning a better understanding of the vibratory mechanics of the musical instrument and second concerning the optimization of the manufacturing processes guaranteeing a superior quality and an international access. Their common wish is to be capable of offering a life of creativity, innovations and passion to the musicians of this world.
This life is the one of the luthier Hervé Prudent who, since the beginning of his activity in 1987, by satisfying brilliantly big artists as Catherine Lara or Jean Luc Ponty, knew how to develop the world of the string instruments and the quartet thanks to his unique creations in terms of design and sound. His unwavering success with the professional artists worldwide and the musical styles is the consequence of its faithful freedom of expression which characterizes him as creative, passionate and human. Taken by friendship, Yann Cherdo and Hervé Prudent then joined in July 2015 with Jean-Yves Cheveux, childhood friend of the latter and expert in electronics, to create the BECARRE company which, via the brand HP Lutherie, will try hard to offer a free creativity coupled by professional technical answers to the musicians in search of expression.
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